About Us

3 Years ago, for a family activity, my two children and I would make donuts. One day to switch things up I turned my donut recipe into a Sinnabuns recipe.I started taking the sinnabuns into work and sharing them at potlucks with my coworkers. I soon started getting requests from others in the office to make sinnabuns for their unit potlucks and for their family get-togethers. In March 2020, our “at work” community, like many others, turned into a “work from home” community.  I wanted to do something for a few of my colleagues to give them a sense of normalcy, so I decided to let them know I was making sinnabuns for them (via a post on Instagram). In the picture I jokingly stated,  “get your orders in”.  Within minutes of posting the picture, I got several messages from many different people saying they wanted to order. My wife decided that we should take a couple of orders. We received such an amazing response, that we did it the next week.  it has just been a snowball effect since then. We decided that this will be our weekly thing. Thus, came SinnaBun Sundays! We have been lucky enough to have amazing reviews by many food bloggers, we have been featured in three articles, and best of all we have met amazing people who are now weekly customers and friends!